Pressure Washing Pros and Cons

Pressure washing pros and cons

There are times when the home, workspace, cars, or just about anywhere can get clouded by all manner of dirt and grimes.

In these times, soft washing wouldn’t do the job of erasing mud, pollen, mildew, or dust caused by air pollution. This is where pressure or power washing comes in.

However, some advantages and disadvantages accrue to using pressure washers. Just as every cleaning method you may have tried out, pressure washing has its advantages and disadvantages.

This article is about the pros and cons of pressure washing at home and everywhere else.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is the removal of dirt like paint, gum, and mud from surfaces using high-pressure water spray. The volume of pressure washers is expressed in gallons or litres per minute. The manner or method used varies, depending on the machine.

Where is Pressure Washing Employed?

It is employed various places both indoors and outdoors. Some of the major places include the following.

  • Sidewalks
  • Car washing services
  • Patios and porches
  • Driveways
  • Parking spaces
  • Garages
  • Cladding
  • Gutters
  • Roofs
  • Decks

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Why Does a Pressure Washer Work?

Water always gets things clean. Its molecules have different electrical charges – while one end is positively charged, the other end is negatively charged. When you add detergent or soap to the mix, it makes cleaning even more effective.

However, there are some kinds of dirt or grime that are just too tough for water and detergent to do the job. This is where pressure washers come in. Their mechanism of using a narrow high-pressure jet of hot or cold water to remove all kinds of dirt is very effective.

The stream of water travels at a fast rate and hits the surface of the dirt at high velocity. It knocks away every dirt like the way water cuts through the most hardened surface.

If not done right, the high-pressured water can harm delicate surfaces. Therefore, it is always recommended that you test the pressure washer on an inconspicuous area before carrying out any type of pressure washing on the surface of your choice.

Pressure Washing Pros

It is convenient

Pressure washing pros and cons

Pressure washing has become a hit for every homeowner whose sole goal is to get their cleaning done conveniently. Conventional washing methods are usually cumbersome and take a lot of time and energy. Time and resources that would have been spent doing other productive things are somewhat wasted cleaning.

With pressure cleaning, you don’t have to scrub and work yourself out trying to remove stubborn stains. Pressure washers allow you to stand upright in a convenient position while you get things done.Assembling or setting up a pressure washer is also pretty simple. Most, if not all, of the pressure washers, come with instructional manuals on how to set them up.

There are also lots of online resources, videos, and pictorial guides on how to use your pressure washer. For instance, you are only required to attach a hose to the washer, fix some detergent in the detergent tank, and plug it to the power source or add fuel for washing to commence.

This simple process saves you the time needed to find a detergent, fill a bucket with water, get some sponges, and finally settle down to the business of doing your manual cleaning.

Does not consume time

Every homeowner appreciates the amount of time that pressure washing saves them. When you take the route of pressure washing, you have cut down on the amount of time needed to put materials together to get your cleaning started.

Most times, due to the amount of time required in the normal cleaning process, homeowners put off their cleaning to periods they would find convenient. However, these comfortable periods never show up. Such constant procrastination allows grime and dirt to build up around the house, making the whole process difficult.

This is why most homeowners opt for cleaning services these days. The sheer amount of work to be done can be intimidating.


Compared to conventional cleaning methods, pressure washing is the best when it comes to keeping the family safe. In reality, pressure washing is like an anti-bacterial and anti-germs campaign. It takes the fight to the different disease-causing microbes in our homes and environment, ensuring that our families are kept safe.

Taking a critical look through the house, driveways, decks, patios and exterior walls, you will find a lot of contaminants that make us ill and cause different hazards to our health. We breathe in these potentially harmful substances.

Most times, we get sick but don’t know the source of our illness. These pathogenic organisms can be the culprits. By pressure washing, you keep your family safe. Pressure washing will simply remove these organisms in their numbers, ensuring that you only take the purest air possible. This way, you are kept safe.

Again, pressure washing will remove the slimy molds and algae that may form in the bathrooms, driveways, or other places that you frequent. It prevents slips or falls in the home. Generally, pressure washing around the house is one of the recommended safety measures.

It Increases curb appeal

There is a higher chance of selling your property faster if you boost the curb appeal of your home. Homes with exteriors that don’t look well-tended will limit the number of prospective buyers. And when they come around, the value of your home will be significantly depreciated.

Pressure washing enables you to boost the curb appeal of your home by thoroughly keeping clean the driveways, sidewalks, and removing old paints and mildews off the exterior walls of the house.

With pressure washing, you can achieve these goals in a breeze. And this allows you to focus on other things when putting up your property for sale.

Automated Cleaning

pressure washing pros and cons

Pressure washing turns the whole cleaning process into an automated one. Now, you can get rid of the manual cleaning, which is quite stressful.

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Pressure Washing Cons

Increases the chance of injury

Many cases abound where folks have been rushed to the emergency room due to injuries encountered during pressure washing. The water pressure generate is pretty high. It is higher than those of regular hose and pumping machines commonly used around the home, especially in gardens. If not handled properly, this force can knock you out, resulting in terrible injuries.


Pressure washing is often powered by electricity. This increases the chances of users getting electrocuted if major faults develop in the pressure washer. Conversely, it requires the use of water, and water is an excellent conductor of electricity. This makes the chances of one getting electrocuted a notch higher.

It can be damaging to some delicate surfaces

Pressure washing has the potential to destroy delicate surfaces. The water pressure is too powerful for most surfaces. When employed on surfaces such as wood, stucco, or loose vinyl siding, these surfaces come off very quickly.

Cars and vehicles are also not immune to the incredibly powerful nature. Using pressure washers on cars can destroy the factory-coated paint that come with them. Fixing this is quite expensive.

Furniture and equipment around the home are also not spared the destructive effects of if not undertaken properly.

The process Involves chemicals

When it comes to pressure washing, water and other chemicals that are harmful to delicate surfaces and plants are involved. These chemicals can destroy surfaces and erode them permanently.

Because the procedure is mostly done outdoors, plants, shrubs, and flowers can be harmed in the process. Therefore, research adequately for suitable surfaces and stay away from households when washing.

It causes noise pollution

Pressure washing causes a lot of noise that can be harmful to the health. It also pollutes the air and make it unhealthy.

More money is spent

You spend more with pressure washing. It involves obtaining a pressure washer, which isn’t available for free. The washers are available at different prices, depending on your choice. Pressure washing is more expensive than conventional cleaning.

Wrap Up

Pressure washing is a washing technique that has been employed for a very long time both indoors and outdoors. It is highly recommended over conventional cleaning as its pros far outweigh its cons.


Pressure Washing Pros and Cons
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