Best Mulches

Best Cedar Mulch for a Vegetable Garden

Are you looking for a way to breed gardens without stress? Use cedar mulch. It is one of the best mulches that works against pests and increases soil moisture. It also adds nutrients to the soil and moderates its temperature. Cedar is suitable for vegetable gardens; it is fertile with organic materials. Your vegetable garden […]

Best Mulch for Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

You’ve spent time and money getting that raised bed vegetable garden. You’re now looking to get some mulch to protect your plants from moisture loss. Getting the right mulch for your garden is as important as getting the raised bed garden itself. You may ask why. It’s because some mulches come with weed seeds. One […]

Where to Get Wood Chips for Gardens

In the middle of summer, everything suffers. The tree leaves turn yellow and die. The streams run thin and dry and your nice little garden runs the risk of losing good grass. You can fold your hands in despair. Or you can attempt running water through it with a hose. Yet, if you had a […]

Best Mulch for Perennials

There are different types of mulches and they provide various benefits to the garden. Both organic and inorganic mulches insulate the soil, prevent weeds, and preserve moisture. But not both increase soil fertility and enhance the growth of plants. Because perennials have a shallow root system and will have to find nutrients nearby, the best […]

Gorilla Hair Mulch Pros and Cons

Gorilla hair mulch actually has nothing to do with a gorilla. The name was coined out of its resemblance with the hair of a gorilla. Gorilla hair mulch is produced from the bark of redwood or red cedar. It’s the part that is often left out when cutting redwood trees, which are used for lumbar. […]

Grass Mulching Pros and Cons

Grass mulching, when it comes to lawns, is quite different from the traditional mulching. While the conventional mulching has to do with placing organic materials like wood cravings on a surface, grass mulching on lawn involves the double cutting of grasses while reducing the grass on the lawn. This means that grasses are cut off […]

10 Best Mulch for Wet Areas

Mulch is a very important material in beautifying our environment and making it look smart. It is used around trees, plants, patios, lawns, yards, and several other places. The various types of mulches available are suitable for different purposes. This is majorly why people search for mulch for specific purposes. This article aims to provide […]

Top 7 Disadvantages of Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite (DG) is a great choice for decorating patios and creating pathways, seating areas, and the likes. It is a rock that has been weather-beaten and can easily fragment into smaller fragments of weak rocks. It is often 3/8 inch or smaller in size. This granite has a wide variety of applications that makes […]

Best Gravels to Walk on Bare Feet

Gravels play an important role in gardening and landscaping. They are a key component of beautifying patios and yards. Gravels are more preferable than mulches for long-term benefits since they hold up much longer. Choosing the best gravel to walk on bare feet is important for landscaping projects. This will ensure that you’re able to […]

Top 10 Wholesale Mulch Suppliers

There are different reasons why people search for wholesale mulch suppliers. Some people want to buy in wholesale and sell to customers in retail while some need it in large quantities for their project. Whatever your reason and whether you’re looking for wholesale bulk mulch suppliers or wholesale bagged mulch suppliers, this article contains the […]

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