Privacy Policy

This page is to let you know about your privacy when you visit this website. We collect some of your personal data when you visit our website and/or make a comment on any of our posts.

The data we collect includes your name, email address, and IP address. These pieces of information are used to better understand our visitors and to help us to provide better content that you and other visitors would love.

We also use cookies to serve our visitors better.

We may display third party advertisements, Google AdSense, Amazon affiliate links, and other forms of adverts that we deem fit and necessary for our users. Learn more about Google ads policy here

Please note that all personal data collected are kept private and are not shared with third-parties.

In summary, these are what you should know….

  • We may use affiliate links
  • We may display Google AdSense ads
  • We store your name when you comment on our blog
  • We store your email address when you comment on our blog
  • We store your IP address when you comment on our blog
  • We use cookies on our blog
  • We may send you to other trusted websites when we believe it’s necessary
  • We will never share your information with anyone

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