10 Best Places to Buy Pressure Washers

best place to buy pressure washers

Pressure washers are necessary to make cleaning faster and less stressful. It is important to buy good quality since they’re not so cheap.

There are several places to buy pressure washers online and offline. Wherever you choose to buy, get good quality for the best experience.

This article is a compilation of the best places to buy pressure washers regardless of your location. They offer both electric and gas pressure washers.

Reasonable price and good quality are essential regardless of the type of pressure washer you choose to buy.

Best Places to Buy Pressure Washers

Here’s the list of the best places to buy quality pressure washers at reasonable prices.

1. Amazon

best place to buy pressure washers

This global eCommerce store, founded in the US, started as a bookstore but is now leading in the sale of diversified products including pressure washers. Shopping for a good pressure washer is easy from Amazon. The store has the list of pressure washer well sorted out in the Patio, Lawn, & Garden department to enable you to find what suits you easily.

Whether it’s electric or gas, you can purchase your pressure washer from anywhere around the world on Amazon. One distinctive advantage of buying on Amazon than directly from manufacturers is that your complaints are properly taken care of by Amazon customer care.

There are various sellers with catchy adverts and product descriptions. You must watch out carefully before buying a pressure washer, no matter how tempting the price may be. Don’t trust every discount. Read reviews before purchasing your pressure washer.

Aside from having various brands at good prices, Amazon also offers different pressure washer accessories.

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2. eBay

best place to buy pressure washers

This online marketplace has an auction platform that allows businesses to sell directly. It offers new and pre-owned pressure washers. You can bid for any product of your choice on the website.

Be careful and attentive when you bid as it’s important to know when another buyer bids higher. The pressure washers are posted for sale from different countries around the world and shipping is possible.

There are several new and pre-owned pressure washers from within the US that are available for bid. It is advisable to shop from eBay before you need the pressure washer. This way, you won’t have to rush into bidding or spend more.

After searching for pressure washers and selecting the one you wish to buy, add the item to your watch list and watch it for some time to know how much interest it drives. Look out for pressure washers on auction that will finish early morning or late night. Don’t bid too high on an item; consider the shipping fee.

3. Walmart

best place to buy pressure washers

Walmart is a leading retail corporation in the US. They have several products ranging from food to electronics and many others. Walmart’s site is well designed for easy use. Products are placed in different departments according to their use. Pressure washers are in the Patio & Garden department. You can simply search for any pressure washer and get the best sellers list.

Check the big save department on Walmart for pressure washers on sale for lower prices. You can make your purchase and pay later with Affirm, a financing platform that allows you to pay in installment. After choosing the washer of your choice, select Affirm at checkout. Then follow further instructions to get approved for a loan.

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4. Home Depot

Home improvement and hardware supplies are basically what Home Depot solely focuses on. The store retails construction products, home and garden equipment, tools, and furniture. It is an excellent choice for purchasing a pressure washer. There offer a variety of washers with good ratings that you can buy at reasonable prices.

Home Depot also sells associated services. You can opt for pressure washer rentals too. If you have a heavy-duty cleaning job, you can rent a pressure washer on Home Depot to serve this purpose.

5. Lowe’s

best place to buy pressure washers

Lowe’s is a vast home improvement and hardware retailing company in the United States. They sell construction products, tools, and home and garden equipment just like Home Depot. You can find electric pressure washers from manufactures like Sun Joe and Greenworks. Also, gas pressure washers from Craftsman, Simpson, Honda, Generac, and many others.

You also get the best deals on pressure washer purchase. Visit the Lowe’s store near you to haggle for a lower price on a slightly damaged or open boxed pressure washer. But make sure you are clear about the condition of the machine before purchasing it.

Lowe’s also offers discounts to current service members and retired veterans. If you are a soldier, this is an excellent place to purchase your pressure washer at a discount. The store also has sidewalk sales where you can buy a pressure washer with a huge discount at certain times of the year.

6. AliExpress

AliExpress is a part of a Chinese eCommerce company, Alibaba Group. It is a global store that offers retail services to customers around the globe. AliExpress, a platform for buyers and sellers, allows third-party companies to sell their wares just like eBay.

Pressure washers are available on AliExpress from different companies. You can buy online and have your item delivered to your home in any part of the world. Pressure washer accessories such as hose, pumps, and nozzles are also available on this online store. But most of the products are Chinese products. If you are not a lover of Chinese goods, AliExpress may not be an option for you.

7. Costco

best place to buy pressure washers

Costco provides you with numerous samples and explicit deals at wholesale. They have a store and also an online platform.

On Costco online store, you don’t need to worry about getting the best quality pressure washer and having to transport the item to your warehouse or home. The company guarantees a unique experience and convenient shopping online.

The site has membership options with an annual fee. But you don’t necessarily need to be a member before you can shop on the website. You can get any type of pressure washer you desire, gas or electric, for a fair price even without being a member. They also offer several pressure washer accessories

The cost of buying a pressure washer from Costco stores and the website may vary. Shipment fees and home delivery charges are included in online deals.

8. Target

Being the second-largest retailer in the United States, Target has over a hundred million active customers. It is one of the leading eCommerce stores for anything ranging from groceries to clothing, electronics, and home improvement. So, if you are searching for a high-quality pressure washer, Target is a good place to consider.

They have become a favorite to many as they give customers a variety of products to choose from. It’s good to know that they provide discounts on items that are above certain prices. This is an advantage if your desired pressure washer meets the price condition because you’d get it at a more affordable price.

Black Fridays are one of the best times to buy from Target. For a huge purchase like a pressure washer, check out for offers on the store at times like this.

9. Bonanza

This is a popular website mainly for electronics, home goods, collectibles, antiques, and fashion accessories. Items sold at Bonanza are sold by third-party sellers. This makes it a reliable alternative to eBay. One difference is that you don’t need to bid for an item. You can buy your gas-powered pressure washer, corded electric pressure washer, or pressure washer accessories straight from the seller. Bonanza offers a timely shipping service.

10. Wish

Wish is operated by Contextlogin Inc in San Francisco, United States. It’s an American eCommerce platform. The online store is fast becoming popular and rivaling with Amazon and eBay. You can purchase a pressure washer at a cheaper rate on Wish because there are no middlemen and no advert spendings on the site.

When you are ordering for the first time, make sure you use coupon codes. This way, you can get some percentage off of the cost of the item you want to buy. But before you make a purchase, read reviews and check the shipping information. Make sure they are suitable for you.

Wrap Up

Now you know the best places that will make your pressure washer buying experience a great one.

When you choose to buy on eCommerce stores, you will be opportune to see a variety of options. Preview ratings and check feedback from previous buyers. It is a lot easier to figure out which product will suit your needs.

One important thing is to search well for quality pressure washers so as not to spend more on repairs and maintenance in the long run. When you shop for low prices, pay attention to quality as well.


10 Best Places to Buy Pressure Washers
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