Where to Get Wood Chips for Gardens

where to get wood chips for garden

In the middle of summer, everything suffers.

The tree leaves turn yellow and die. The streams run thin and dry and your nice little garden runs the risk of losing good grass.

You can fold your hands in despair. Or you can attempt running water through it with a hose. Yet, if you had a good amount of wood chips to spread on your garden floor, you wouldn’t have to bother yourself at all.

Wood Chips? Yes, Definitely!

And that’s not its only benefit. You’ll find out more as you read on. But let’s see where you can get them from.

Where to Get Wood Chips for Gardens

The following are some of the best places online to get wood chips for your garden.


Here is one company that certainly needs no introduction. Amazon is one of the top 4 tech companies alongside Microsoft, Google, and Apple. It has its headquarters situated in Seattle, USA.

While it does not manufacture or package wood chips, it links sellers of wood chips with prospective buyers through its e-commerce website – amazon.co.uk. Amazon offers buyers the chance to buy these wood chips at competitive prices and at the right quality.

Once you visit the website and search for wood chips, you’ll be shown a list of wood chip sellers. You’ll have to consider both the number of reviews, the price to make the smartest choice!

  • Website: https://www.amazon.co.uk

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The Cobble Shop

This is a special store selling garden aggregates and building materials. It has its head office at Kilmarnock in the United Kingdom. It also features an online store and offers free delivery within its immediate environs. You can decide to order a bulk bag of wood chips if you’re taking on a big project or get a smaller bag if you won’t be needing so much.

  • Website: https://thecobbleshop.co.uk

Tree Doctors

This is a company in Toronto, Canada. They offer various tree services, which include forest management planning, stump grinding and removal, tree trimming and pruning, and tree removal in Toronto.

With Tree Doctors, you can get up to three-quarters of cost saved when you purchase a wood chip. This doesn’t, however, mean that there is going to be a compromise in value.

Even at this amazingly low price, you would get usable and eco-friendly wood chips that can be used for a selection of environments like parks, playgrounds, office landscaping, residential landscaping, colleges, and gardens.

  • Website: https://treedoctors.ca

Champfluerie Estate

This is a company in Scotland specializing in the supply of firewood and wood fuels. It also makes two kinds of wood chips; mulched woodchips and fresh woodchips.

The mulched wood chips are recommended for the protection of your garden. They act as a shield protecting the soil of your garden from the harsh heat of the sun and keep the moisture in. Interestingly, they also do a good job of keeping weeds away. Instead of spraying your garden with poisons, an even spread of mulch wood chip would do the trick nice and easy.

The other type, fresh wood chips, are better suited for your children’s playground, driveways and other parts of your garden.

  • Website: https://www.champfleurieestate.co.uk

Home Depot

This is by far the largest supplier of home improvement products in the United States. Founded in 1978, this company operating out of its corporate headquarters in Atlanta has risen to become a go-to shop for items such as home interiors, concrete, plumbing materials, electrical products, and air conditioning systems.

Unsurprisingly, it also sells wood chips, and at reasonably low prices. There is also an efficient delivery system in place, which lets you order and get your wood chips on time. Note, however, that once delivery is finalized, any complaints relating to the service are to be made to the manufacturer of the product directly.

  • Website: https://www.homedepot.com

Gum Tree

Here’s a company that allows product sellers to post ads either paid or free to prospective buyers. It was created in 2000 by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall in the United Kingdom.

Currently, it has expanded to over 9 countries including South Africa, Poland, France, Canada, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Hong Kong, and the United States.

If you want to buy wood chips on Gum Tree, you either search ads for ready sellers or post an ad offering to buy wood chips. You’re sure to get what you want using any of these methods.

  • Website: https://www.gumtree.com

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Where to Get Free Wood Chips for Yards

I’ve mentioned a number of places where you can purchase wood chips for sale. But won’t it be interesting to know where these goodies may be snapped up without paying a dime? Check the list below.

Caldwell Tree Care

This is a great place to get free wood chips if you’re working on a tight budget and cannot readily afford to buy a sufficient amount of wood chips for your projects.

Caldwell Tree Care is specifically positioned to assist residents of Atlanta and Metro Atlanta on any plant or tree project. The company understands the importance of wood chips to the environment and offers free wood chips you can use for your landscaping or garden protection.

Website: https://caldwelltreecare.com

Portland General

This is a Fortune 1000 company that specializes in the distribution of electricity to the city of Oregon. While hacking down trees for construction and other works, it produces lots of wood chips which it gives out for free. And if you’re lucky to be living in a neighborhood where the Portland General crew is working, you’re very likely to get a good bite of this generous pie.

Website: https://www.portlandgeneral.com

Chip Drop

Fancy name, right? This company matches people seeking to get free or inexpensive wood chips with donors or sellers.

Some tree companies having worked in a certain area may have accumulated wood chips they probably would never have to use. They will be linked through Chip Drop to people who need these wood chips for some mulching in the garden or landscaping.

In that way, the company gets rid of the chip just as the receiver gets some wood chip to use for free!

Website: https://getchipdrop.com

Wrap Up

Getting wood chips for your project shouldn’t be a difficulty at all. As long as you search the right places, you’re sure to find what you need – at low prices or at no cost at all!

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Where to Get Wood Chips for Gardens
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