Top 10 Places Where to Buy Roof Gravel

where to buy roof gravel

It is very common to find gravels on flat roofs of commercial buildings. Contractors place gravel on roofs for two major reasons.

First, it is meant to protect the underlying layer of the materials used for built-up roofs (BUR). Second, contractors place gravel on single-ply roofs to allow the roofing materials to remain weighed down and secure.

There are several reputable places where to buy roof gravels. If you’re new to the roofing business or require roof gravel, then keep reading. I will list out trusted dealers below. 

Where to Buy Roof Gravel

1. Aggregates Direct

Aggregates direct is an online shop that caters to your aggregate material needs. They supply thousands of tons of aggregate materials to schools, construction sites, individuals, and local authorities.

They have supplied aggregate materials to some well-known sites including the Chelsea Flower Show and sites at the 2012 Olympic Games.

They have excellent customer service and their deliveries are prompt.

You can trust them to supply you with a wide variety of top-grade aggregates.

Their products include –

  • 6mm limestone
  • 40mm rounded gravel
  • Golden gravel
  • Trent valley gravel
  • Moonstone flint gravel
  • Self-binding path gravel


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2. Stone Garden 

Stone Garden is a locally owned aggregate company. They boast of 3.5 acres of stone and landscaping supplies.

They also have a gift shop and a showroom where many of their products are displayed.

Stone Garden has built a reputation for themselves among the locals as a fun place to shop for aggregates. You can bring your kids along when you visit them.

Their products include –

  • Riprap
  • Brick chips
  • Decorative pebbles
  • White river rock
  • River skippers
  • White beach pebbles 
  • Black beach pebbles
  • Jade pebbles


3. NJ Gravel & Sand Co.

NJ Gravel & Sand Company started as a simple sand and gravel washing operation. Many years later, they became a major supplier of many forms of aggregate. These include mulch, topsoil, decorative stones, and other miscellaneous accessories.

They boast of a complete line of landscaping and construction materials, and they constantly add new products to their inventory.

Even as their range of products has expanded, they still maintain their old tradition of providing only quality materials.

At NJ Gravel & Sand Company, you will find a wide variety of washed gravel and white gravel.

Other products include –

  • Crushed stone
  • Decorative stones
  • Different varieties of nutmeg
  • Carnation pink
  • Honey beige
  • Jewel white gravel


4. Classic Rock Stone Yard

This is a family-owned and operated business that caters to families and businesses in the greater East Dallas area.

Their operations stretch across Plano, Forney, Dallas, and Greenville.

Classic Rock Stone Yard started as a mother/daughter business in 2005 and has expanded to have several other members of the family working for them.

They have built a solid reputation locally for being trusted suppliers of various aggregate materials.

Their products include –

  • Arizona river rock
  • Cherokee river rock
  • Cinnamon gravel
  • Colorado river flats
  • Crushed Texas granites


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5. MGS Co. LTD

Mavis Garden Supplies (MGS) is renowned for taking customer satisfaction seriously, regardless of status. They cater to large commercial developers, individuals, professional landscapers, and general contractors.

They have been in business for over 30 years and offer quality aggregate materials at very competitive prices. 

Their products include –

  • Clear gravel
  • Limestone screening
  • Pea gravel
  • Recycled concrete
  • Crush run


6. StoneTree 

StoneTree is well-known amongst contractors, builders, businesses, and individuals in the Nashville, Tennessee area as a supplier of top-quality aggregate materials.

These range from fine stones, mulch, gravel, and miscellaneous accessories.

They have been in business for decades and they deliver all through Nashville and its surrounding neighbors.

If you live in the Nashville area, then you can get a wide range of top quality gravel from them.

Their products include –

  • Indian creek gravel
  • Tennessee gravel
  • Limestone gravel
  • Colorado river rock
  • Mexican beach pebbles
  • Pennsylvania bluestone


7. DLM Sand & Gravel

Here’s a locally owned and run business in Arvada, Colorado. Although they are a small business, they have a wide range of aggregate materials in their inventory.

Their mission is to provide the best quality landscaping products that suit several individual or corporate budgets.

You can choose from a large variety of soil, rocks, mulch, turf, and several other landscaping materials.

Their products include –

  • Black granite
  • Grey mountain granite
  • Colorado red
  • Pea gravel
  • Local river cobble
  • South Platte flats
  • Butter rock


8. Milton Garden Products

They are trusted by customers to supply a wide range of stocked building and landscaping supplies. 

Their display showcases a wide variety of landscaping products, which include paving, fencing, decorative stones, timber, construction aggregates, sand, and chippings.

They are the go-to company whether you’re doing a small garden design or a large-scale building project. They also cater to several budget ranges with their highly competitive prices.

As for customer service, they have a team of experienced and friendly staff who will attend to your needs.

Their products include –

  • Staffordshire pink
  • Golden gravel
  • Yorkshire cream
  • Moonstone blue


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9. Pete Rose Inc.

Pete Rose boasts of a full line of gray driveway gravels and a broad selection of decorative crushed stone. They also supply different types of river rock.

Their products are durable and can be used in light traffic areas. Besides roofing, the crush stones they sell can be used for driveways and other road surfaces.

They also stock many colors of gravel and river rock. These include black, green, tan, white, and maroon. 

Other products include –

  • Crushed gravel
  • Gray gravel
  • River rock
  • Various textures of sand


10. Portland Sand & Gravel Co.

This company began as a quarry owned by Multnomah County. Its operations were based on mining sand and river rock left behind by the Missoula floods.

In 1928, a group of family and friends purchased the land and since then, there have been four generations of the founding family members who have worked for Portland Sand & Gravel Co.

Their products include –

  • Red rock
  • Minus crushed rock
  • Clear crushed rock
  • Minus crushed asphalt


Wrap Up

As mentioned earlier, gravels are used to protect the underlying layer of built-up roofing materials (BUR). They are also placed on single-ply roofs for the sake of weighing down and securing the roofing materials.

There are a lot of companies in the roof gravel business, but you may have challenges finding one if you don’t know where to look.

Also, keep in mind that not all of them sell top quality gravels. So, you have to be careful who you choose to do business with.

The companies listed in this article are competent and reliable. They have been in business for a long time and sell quality gravels.


Top 10 Places Where to Buy Roof Gravel
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