Stinger Super Seeder Review: Here’s All You Need to Know

stinger super seeder review

A beautiful lawn starts with proper seeding.

Seeding not only fills in bare patches but also helps improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn.

Traditional seeding methods, however, often fall short of achieving desirable results.

That’s where the Stinger Super Seeder comes in.

The Stinger Super Seeder is a game-changer when it comes to lawn seeding.

It’s designed to address the limitations of traditional seeding methods and offers a more efficient and effective solution.

This advanced seeder uses cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum seed-to-soil contact, resulting in superior germination rates and a healthier, denser lawn.

Overview of the Stinger Super Seeder 2400

The Stinger Super Seeder 2400 is a powerful and efficient machine that has received positive reviews from users.

It offers several advantages over other similar units, such as its ability to work hard and deliver excellent results.

The machine is user-friendly and produces outstanding outcomes. It’s a step up from some previous models in various aspects.

stinger super seeder pro

It surpasses units driven by the cutting shaft and delivers superior results when used for renovating bare ground to achieve near-perfect turf density.

Stinger Super Seeder 2400 particularly stands out in its ability to cut through compacted turf efficiently compared to other machines of similar size.

While it may experience some difficulty in extremely dry clay conditions, this is also a challenge for other units.

For a machine of its size, it’s highly regarded and considered one of the best options available on the market.

The Super Seeder offers excellent performance for hydroseeding jobs, especially for touch-ups in certain areas.

It has proven to be a valuable tool for obtaining a beautiful and satisfactory lawn.

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The Stinger Super Seeder 2400 comes with several notable features that will enhance your performance and make your seeding tasks easier.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these features.

24-inch Seeding Width

With the unit, you’ll benefit from a 24’’ seeding width.

This wider width allows you to cover larger areas efficiently by reducing your seeding time and boosting productivity.

Get the job done faster by covering more ground with each pass.

Honda Engine

Powering your Stinger Super Seeder is a reliable Honda GX390 engine with a displacement of 390cc.

Honda engines are known for their durability and efficiency, ensuring consistent power for optimal performance during seeding operations.

Start the engine easily and enjoy smooth operation, even in demanding conditions.

stinger super seeder engine

No Control Cables

The unit is designed with hard linkages that provide robust and direct connections between the control mechanisms and the working components of the machine.

Say goodbye to control cables and their associated maintenance requirements and potential points of failure.

Enjoy a more reliable and durable seeder.

Hydrostatic Drive

Your seeder is equipped with a hydrostatic drive system, which gives you smooth and precise control over the machine’s speed and maneuverability.

Adjust the speed easily to match different terrains or seeding conditions. This ensures optimal performance throughout your project.

Sulky Optional

You have the option to attach a sulky to the Stinger Super Seeder 2400.

A sulky is a wheeled attachment that allows you to ride behind the machine, providing convenience and reducing fatigue during larger seeding projects.

Increase your comfort and efficiency, especially during extended periods of use.

Counter Rotating Blades

The seeder comes with counter-rotating blades that work together to prepare a thorough and even seedbed.

This design ensures proper soil cultivation and leveling. And it promotes optimal seed-to-soil contact for improved germination rates and consistent growth.

45 Pounds Seed Capacity

Enjoy the generous seed capacity of 45 lbs with your machine.

This ample seed hopper capacity allows for extended operation without frequent refills.

Minimize downtime and interruptions during your seeding tasks, enabling you to cover more ground efficiently.

12 Blades

The Stinger Super Seeder 2400 is equipped with 12 blades, each having a diameter of 8.5 inches and spaced 2 inches apart.

This configuration ensures efficient seed distribution and precise seed placement, guaranteeing consistent coverage and uniformity throughout your seeding area.

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Weight330 lbs.
Speed4 mph Forward/ 2 mph reverse
Tires13×5.00 – 6
Seeding DepthDown to 1.5″
Fuel Capacity1.6 gallons
EngineHonda GX390 Engine 13HP
Seeding Width24″
stinger super seeder features


Reliable Performance

The seeder has demonstrated consistent and dependable performance, meeting users’ expectations and delivering impressive results.

Enhanced Results

The machine consistently produces excellent outcomes, surpassing other units available on the market.

Improved Ease of Use

It offers a user-friendly experience, making it easier to operate compared to units driven by the cutting shaft.

Superior Turf Density

This seeder excels in achieving and maintaining almost perfect turf density when used for renovating bare ground. This outperforms other walk-behind seeders.

Efficient in Compacted Turf

The unit demonstrates exceptional performance in cutting through and working effectively on compacted turf, ensuring optimal results without excessive difficulties.

Market-Leading Option

Among units of its size, the Stinger Super Seeder stands out as one of the best choices available. It offers outstanding performance and delivers exceptional results.

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Belt Durability Issues

You may experience routine belt problems with the seeder, which can be seen as a drawback affecting its overall reliability.

Seed Leakage

The machine may also have slight seed leakage even when the seed drop is closed. This can be considered a minor inconvenience requiring attention during operation.

Difficulty in Dry Clay Conditions

The machine may face challenges in creating an optimal seedbed in extremely dry clay conditions, potentially affecting its performance in such environments.

Final Words

The Stinger Super Seeder 2400 is a highly regarded machine that offers excellent performance and results.

While it may have some issues, it delivers impressive outcomes and surpasses other units in its category.

Whether used for generating revenue or for hydroseeding jobs, the Super Seeder has proven to be a valuable asset for achieving desirable turf density and customer satisfaction.

Stinger Super Seeder Review (Video)


Stinger Super Seeder Review: Here’s All You Need to Know
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