How to Easily Start a Weed Eater Without Pull Cord

how to start a weed eater without pull cord

A weed eater typically consists of an engine, fuel system, ignition system, and pull cord mechanism.

Starting this machine can sometimes be a frustrating task, especially when you find yourself tugging at the pull cord repeatedly without any success.

We’ve all been there, feeling the burn in our arms as we yank with all our might, only to be met with silence or, worse yet, a stubborn engine that just won’t ignite.

It’s in those moments that we long for an easier way, a magical solution to start our trusty weed eaters effortlessly.

3 Ways to Start a Weed Eater Without a Pull Cord

Electric Start Models

Electric start weed eaters have revolutionized the way we start these essential tools.

With their convenience and ease of use, they’ve become increasingly popular among homeowners and professionals alike.

Electric start models are equipped with a battery-powered starter motor that eliminates the need for pulling a cord.

Follow these steps to start an electric start weed eater.

weed wacker pull cord stuck out
  • Ensure the Battery is Charged

Before attempting to start the weed eater, make sure the battery is adequately charged. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the charging time required.

  • Take Safety Precautions

Always prioritize safety when operating any power tool. Wear protective gear, including goggles, ear protection, and gloves.

Ensure you have a clear workspace and that there are no bystanders nearby.

  • Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Different electric start models may have specific instructions for starting the engine.

Consult the user manual or manufacturer’s guidelines for the precise steps to initiate the engine.

This typically involves turning on the power switch and pressing a start button or trigger.

  • Adjust the Settings

Once the engine is running, adjust the settings such as throttle control and choke settings to suit your specific needs. This will help optimize the performance of the weed eater.

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Recoil Start with Primer Bulb

Recoil start weed eaters with a primer bulb offer a reliable alternative to pull cord start.

The primer bulb is a small rubber bulb that draws fuel into the carburetor, making the starting process more efficient.

Below are the steps to follow to use this method.

  • Prime the Engine

Press the primer bulb several times to force fuel into the carburetor. This process helps create the right fuel-to-air mixture necessary for ignition.

The number of primer bulb presses may vary depending on the specific model.

  • Set the Choke

Check if your weed eater has a choke feature. If so, set it to the appropriate position for starting, usually the “closed” or “choke” position.

This helps create a richer fuel mixture for easier starting, especially when the engine is cold.

  • Pull the Starter Cord

Firmly grasp the starter cord handle and give it a smooth, steady pull.

The engine should ignite, and you can release the cord slowly. If the engine doesn’t start on the first attempt, repeat the process.

  • Adjust the Choke and Throttle

Once the engine starts running smoothly, adjust the choke and throttle settings according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure optimal performance.

weed eater pull cord not catching

Push Button Start

Thanks to advancements in technology, push-button start weed eaters have made starting these tools effortless.

These models feature a battery-powered electric starter, eliminating the need for any manual effort.

Here’s how to start a push-button start weed eater.

  • Ensure the Battery is Charged

Just like with electric start models, ensure the battery is fully charged before attempting to start the weed eater. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the charging time required.

  • Take Safety Precautions

Always prioritize safety when operating any power tool. Wear appropriate protective gear and ensure a clear workspace.

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  • Locate the Start Button

Look for the designated start button on the weed eater. It’s usually marked with a symbol or labeled accordingly.

  • Press the Start Button

Once the battery is charged and safety precautions are in place, simply press the designated start button. The electric starter motor will engage, and the engine will start running smoothly.

  • Adjust the Settings

After the engine starts, adjust the throttle control and other settings as needed to achieve the desired performance.

Weed Eater Pull Cord Broke: How to Start Your Weed Eater

A broken pull cord on a weed eater can be a frustrating setback, but fear not!

There are still ways to go about it and get back to your lawn maintenance tasks.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start your weed eater when the pull cord is broken.

weed eater pull cord broke

Assess the Damage

Take a moment to examine the broken pull cord and determine the extent of the damage.

If the cord has simply snapped and is still intact, it may be possible to reattach it.

However, if the cord is severely damaged or completely detached, you may need to replace it.

Prepare for Repair or Replacement

Depending on the damage, you’ll need to gather the necessary tools and materials for either repairing or replacing the pull cord.

This may include a replacement cord, screwdriver, pliers, and potentially a new recoil starter assembly if needed.

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Repairing a Broken Pull Cord (if feasible)

  • Remove the Recoil Starter Assembly

Begin by locating the recoil starter assembly on the weed eater. It’s usually located on the side of the engine and secured with screws.

  • Disassemble the Recoil Starter

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the recoil starter assembly together. Carefully separate the components, taking note of their arrangement for reassembly.

  • Reattach or Replace the Broken Cord

If the pull cord is still intact but has come loose, you can reattach it.

Thread the cord back through the hole in the recoil starter housing and tie a secure knot.

Wind the cord back onto the pulley, ensuring that it’s properly tensioned. If the cord is severely damaged or broken, it’ll need to be replaced with a new one.

  • Reassemble the Recoil Starter

Once the cord is repaired or replaced, carefully reassemble the recoil starter assembly and make sure that all components fit snugly together.

Tighten the screws to secure the assembly in place.


How to Easily Start a Weed Eater Without Pull Cord
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