Advantages and Disadvantages of Dog Eared Fence

There are many fencing styles and each has its features, advantages, and disadvantages. 

The dog eared fence is one of such fencing styles and has become very popular over the years. This pattern of fencing, just like the others, has its unique features as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

If you aren’t too familiar with a dog eared fence, allow me to give you a little breakdown.

A dog eared fence is a traditional fencing style but with a little twist to it. It is cut at the top with two slants, one on each side of the posts.

Each fence board has its tips cut to an angle that makes it look like the ears of a dog.

Overview of the Dog Eared Fencing Style

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The dog eared fencing style is almost the same as the flat-top fence but has pointed tips as the major difference.

The design is in no way complicated. It is very simple to build and most contractors can handle it.

Thanks to its very simple design, it is quite affordable to build when compared to other fashionable styles. For this reason, more and more homeowners have adopted this style of fencing to save building costs. 

A dog eared fence can be built with a wide variety of materials. These include aluminum and vinyl. Wood is, however, the most common material used in building this kind of fence.

There are different variations of the dog eared fence style. Depending on the homeowner’s preference, contractors can build the fence with the slats fixed right beside each other rubbing against themselves or they can be spaced out by several inches.

Being a privacy fence, the slats placed right beside each other guarantees 100% privacy. On the other hand, having the slats spaced out by a few inches makes it a semi-private fence because the spaces in between means that onlookers can have a slight view of what’s on the other side.

Regardless of the dog eared design you go for, it still has many advantages. I would say that the pros are much more than the cons.

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Advantages of Dog Eared Fence

Now that you have a better understanding of what a dog eared fencing style is, we can proceed to analyze some of its major advantages.

With these in mind, you can determine if it is the right fencing style for you.

Here are its major pros.

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It Doesn’t Cost Much to Build

A dog eared fence is simple to construct and does not require too many materials. For this reason, you should expect to spend less when building one.

Unlike other decorative fence styles that have complicated patterns, the dog eared fence is pretty straightforward.

The low cost doesn’t just lie in the requirement of fewer materials to build, it also lies in the less charge by the contractor since it is easy to build.

However, keep in mind that the materials used in building the fence will also influence the cost of construction. Some materials are cheap while some are expensive. 

All things being equal, building a dog eared fence is very budget-friendly.

It is Easier to Construct

Once again, you can credit the simple design of a dog eared fence with the ease with which it can be built.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you may not even need to hire the services of a contractor for this fencing style. The good news is, you can get pre-built panels delivered to you. And all you’ll have to do is to install it.

You Spend Less Construction Time 

Since this fence style has a straightforward design, it would take a considerably less amount of time to build.

Other complicated fencing styles will require a lot more measurements and calculations to set up. And this will consume more time during construction.

If you’re looking to set up a privacy fence in the shortest possible time, a dog eared fence is a good idea.

Better Ventilation in Your Yard

Earlier in this article, I described two variations of the dog eared fence. One has the slats placed right beside each other while the other has the slats spaced out by a few inches.

You would enjoy some extra fresh air coming into your yard if you opt for the style with the spaced-out slats. This is beneficial not only to you but also to your garden trees since plants need good airflow to thrive.

An extra advantage with the spaced-out pattern of the fence style is that kids and pets can have a view of the other side of the fence. You know how curious children and dogs can be, especially when they hear certain sounds coming from the other side. 

With the spaces, they can take a peep through the fence and satisfy their curiosity, rather than attempting to jump or climb over to get a glimpse.

It is Easier to Maintain

A dog eared fence requires fewer materials to build and is easier to maintain.

If the fence is made of wood, you would spend a lot less money on wood protection sprays and polish.

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Disadvantages of Dog Eared Fence

Now that you have an idea of some of the benefits a dog eared fence can offer, let us take a look at some of its downsides.

You should also consider these before you make a decision on which fencing style best suits you.

Here are some of its major disadvantages.

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It is Not As Beautiful As Other Decorative Fencing Styles

For me, this has to be the major disadvantage of a dog eared fence. The design is too simple and it lacks aesthetic appeal.

You can say that it is boring to look at. Nothing is exciting about it at all. Don’t expect to get many compliments from family and friends when they come over for poolside barbeque parties.

If you love beautifully patterned structures, then a dog eared fencing style may not be the best for you.

It is Not As Sturdy As Other Complicated Styles

A simple dog eared fence requires just the right amount of building materials to construct, which is a good thing considering that you’ll be spending less money.

A more decorative fence, on the other hand, requires more materials to build. This costs more money but also results in a sturdier fence than the dog eared fence.

This is because the use of more building materials means the fence would have more weight as there will be more beams, posts, and pickets nailed here and there.

A dog eared fence cannot boast of this, so expect it to be less sturdy.

A sturdier fence is more preferable in times of storms or heavy wind. If you live in an area that doesn’t experience too many heavy winds, this may not be a problem. But if you do, you will need a fence with more reinforced construction.

You also have to keep in mind the activities of your children and pets. If they will be spending more time around the fence, then expect them to lean on it a lot. A sturdier construction would allow the fence to resist the force of the lean, hence allowing the fence to last longer.

Weighing the Advantages against the Disadvantages

So, you have a fairly decent idea of the pros and cons of a dog eared fence. Now, it’s time to balance them against one another and see if it is the right fencing style for you.

The dog eared fence is cheaper since it requires fewer materials to build, but that will take away from its sturdiness. So, consider which one matters more to you – saving cost or having a longer-lasting fence?

Also, the simple design of a dog eared fence means a reduction in aesthetic appeal. Are you a fan of fancily built structures? If you are, then the dog eared fence is not for you. You should go for the more stylish options.

As for ease of maintenance, the dog eared fence will cost a lot less to maintain since you have less wood to treat. A fancier fence style has more maintenance costs.

Lastly, if construction timer matters a lot to you, the dog eared fence is your best option for a faster timeframe.

Final Words

Taking the advantages and disadvantages of a dog eared fence into consideration, do you think it’s your best bet?

Consider your unique situation before you make your choice.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Dog Eared Fence
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